Geodessey is a puzzle game which resembles match-3 games, it starts equally if not more simple but gets deeper and more challenging. It is played by changing the color of the tiles on the surface of a geodesic sphere, if said change creates a match of 4+ tiles of the same color, they disappear.


Powerups generated by the player destroying tiles in certain ways, such as a wildcard tile created when matching at least 4 tiles in a "triforce pattern", or a bomb created when matching 6+ tiles.

- The game gets increasingly complex making the player place "blocks" of several tiles at the same time instead of just one.

Combos can be achieved when new matches are created by the falling tiles when matched tiles disappear or when 2+ colors are changed with the same move.

- An endless mode with a move limit. The player can get more moves by destroying tiles but it gets harder and harder until he/she runs out.

- 60 levels with varying rules and goals: Destroy X number of tiles, destroy X number of sphere layers, reach X score, make certain tiles fall to the bottom of the sphere...

Install instructions

There are two versions available:

-The WINDOWS version just requires unziping into a folder and executing Geodessey.exe

-The WEB-GL version requires unzipping and then opening the "index.html" with a browser (Chrome does not play webGL content from files so it has to be another browser)


Download 20 MB
Download 21 MB

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